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Easy Protein Eggnog

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

That actually tastes like the real thing.

Festive Protein Eggnog on a white table

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I love eggnog during the holidays, but it's not exactly what you'd call a health drink. Eggs and milk are great, and I'm not shy around some heavy whipping cream, but the amount of sugar that goes into modern eggnog you find in stores is staggering.

Modern store bought eggnog is essentially melted ice cream, nutrition wise. The serving size is only half a cup!

Which is unfortunate because I want to drink at least a cup of it or more in one sitting, every day, starting in November.

Fortunately, I found a way to have all the sweet creamy taste of eggnog, without all the sugar. This recipe is so simple I hesitate to call it a recipe, but here it is!

Easy Protein Eggnog


Note: you could trade out for other vanilla protein drinks, but I don't recommend it. It will taste, well, like a protein drink. Fairlife is uniquely without the classic protein-y taste of protein drinks. If you haven't tasted it yet, imagine melted vanilla ice cream.

  • 1 egg yolk, pasture raised (or pasteurized if you're concerned about consuming uncooked egg yolk)

  • ¼ teaspoon rum extract

  • sprinkle of nutmeg


Super Simple Option 1:

  1. Separate the egg yolk from the white, put the white away for other use.

  2. Add all ingredients to the bottle of Fairlife and give it a good shake.

  3. Ready to drink!

Fancier (and creamier) Option 2:

  1. Separate the egg yolk from the white

  2. Add egg white to a blender and blend until whipped and frothy

  3. Add all other ingredients to the blender and blend for a few seconds.

  4. Pour into a glass and top with optional extra nutmeg or cinnamon if you prefer. Add a cinnamon stick like above if you want the extra garnish.

I have only ever had this cold because that's how I like my eggnog, but it should do well with warming as long as you don't boil it.

Festive protein eggnogs on a white table with cinnamon

Nutrition Comparison

Standard Commercial Eggnog

Easy Protein Eggnog (yolk only)

Easy Protein Eggnog (whole egg)

Serving Size: 14 ounces

Serving Size: 14 ounces

Serving size: 15 ounces

If you love eggnog as much as I do, definitely give this a try, and let me know how it goes!


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