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Hi, I'm Randy Capurro

Registered Dietitian, MDS, LD

I'm a Registered and Licensed Dietitian who also studied Anthropology and Human Evolution, I even got a Bachelor of Science degree in it before going into Nutrition full time.


Nutrition science seems like it's always changing. Finding real, effective nutrition information can feel impossible. I started Eat Well Go Far to show that eating well can be as simple or as complex/in depth as you want it to be.

It is my goal to take cutting edge research, tried and true nutrition principles, and a deeper understanding of how humans evolved with their unique nutrition needs -- and present it in a way that is easy to understand.

To all of my current clients and patients - You'll find a lot of the topics I cover in our face-to-face sessions here, written and expanded on in the Articles section. Courses are under development and are more in depth recorded versions of our education sessions.

To you out there reading this - Welcome! If you have any questions or comments please head on over to the Forum, I'm checking in pretty much every day.

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